Current collaborations

·    Institute of Anthropology, Palaeogenetics Group, University of Mainz, Καθηγητής Joachim Burger.

Collaboration in two funded research projects (“The genomic heritage of ancient Greece: Bringing digitalised human bio-history to museums. 358.000 €; GREEK-GERMAN CALL for proposals on bilateral research and innovation cooperation, General Secretariat for Research and Technology-Greece, 2018-2021. PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina. Population genetics of the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Greece and the Aegean”; 186.950 €; GERMAN RESEARCH COUNCIL (DFG). 2012-2015. PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina and Prof. Joachim Burger.).

·     Institute of Anthropology, University of Bern, Head Dr. Sandra Lösch

·    Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich, Prof. Frank Rühli. Collaboration in funded research projects (Anthropological research on the ossuary of Poschiavo; LOTTARY FUNDS Canton Graubünden; Archaeological Service Graubünden, Switzerland 40.000 CHF. 2009-2010, PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina)


 Ephorates of Antiquities

The Laboratory has contracted collaboration protocols with Ephorates of Antiquities, which have ceded the right of study and sampling of archaeological anthropological material. Furthermore, the Laboratory is cooperating with the Ephorates and gives the opportunity to students to participate in the excavations. In particular:

·     «TENEA PROJECT», participation in the excavation and the treatment of the skeletal material from Chiliomodi (Korinthos), Director: Korka E., honorary curator of Antiquities

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of the city of Thessaloniki, permission to study the skeletal material from the excavations of the Metropolitan Subway (2006-2017) and the necropolis of Thessaloniki  ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΕΦΑΠΟΘ/ΤΒΜΑΜ/6296/4702/79/24, Date: 21/09/2018.

·     Special cooperation protocol between the Department of History and Ethnology and the Ephorate of Thessaloniki (protocol number: 75/50/28  November 2017).

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of Chalcidice and Mount Athos, permission to study the skeletal material (219 burials) from the ancient necropolis of Ierissos.(ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΙΠΚΑ/ΤΕΕΑΕΙ/229454/164569/5191/898, Ημ/νία Έκδοσης 21/06/2018).

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of Rodopi, permission to study the skeletal material (6 burials) from the archaeological sites of Dikaia and Strimi (ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΙΠΚΑ/ΤΕΕΑΕΙ/226586/162477/4938/854, Date: 21/06/2018.

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of Evros, permission to study the skeletal material (6 burials) from the archaeological site of Zoni, Alexandroupoli(ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΙΠΚΑ/ΤΕΕΑΕΙ 290012/188098/8050/1185, Date: 03/08/2017).

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of Xanthi, sampling permission of human and animal skeletal material of the ancient cemetary of Abdera(for isotope analysis and ancient DNA). (ΥΠΠΟΑ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΣΑΝΜ/ΤΕΕ/520117/371191/4431/435, Date: 20/11/2018).

·     Ephorate of Antiquities of Kozani,  permission to study the skeletal material (400 burials) from the site Dasos, Mavropigi Kozanis (excavations from 2012-2014). (ΥΠΟΠΑΙΘ/ΓΔΑΠΚ/ΔΙΠΚΑ/ΤΕΕΑΕΙ/202283/119494/10174/1005, Date: 24/07/2015).

Past collaborations

·      Dr. Daniella Sivakova (Institute of Anthropology- Comenius University Bratislava) Collaboration in the  project Human Capital and Mobility. 1994

·      Prof. Vladimir Novotny (Institute of Anthropology-Univ. of Brno- Chech Republic- Collaboration in the  project TEMPUS 1994

·    Prof. Charles Sussane General Secretary of European Anthropological Association, (Laboratory Anthropogenetics, University of Brussels). 1994-1996-1998

·     Dr. Hermann Kandler (Mainz University Oriental Studies, Geographer): A) two year research stay under scholarship. During this period workshops for graduate and undergraduate students were organized.  B) two month research stay within the frame of SOCRATES (ETF) Program and undergraduate teaching 1996-1997

·      Prof. Roger C. Nance (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Alabama at Birmingham), Collaboration with the University of Alabama. 1997

·      Prof. Nikolas Stavrou (Dept. of Political Science-Howard University). Visit, Lecture and award receiving 1999

·      Prof. Vaclav Vancata (Charles University, Prague). Three months stay for research and teaching (SOCRATES-ETF) 1999

·      Prof. Vladimir Privraztky (Charles University, Prague). One month stay for research and teaching (SOCRATES-ETF) 1999

·      Prof. Dr. Bruno Kauffman, (Director of Anthropologisches Forschungsinstitute-Basel) Research collaboration 1997

·      Prof. Brunnetto Chiarrelli (Instituto di Antropologia, Univ. Firenze) Research collaboration 1994-1996-1998-1999.

·      Prof. Vladimir Ferak (Institute of Human Genetics- Comenius University Bratislava) Research collaboration 1999

              Prof. Horst Schmidt (University of Ulm) Research collaboration