Current Projects


2018-2021     The genomic heritage of ancient Greece: Bringing digitalised human bio-history to museums. 358.000 €; GREEK-GERMAN CALL for proposals on bilateral research and innovation cooperation, General Secretariat for Research and Technology-Greece, PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina


 This research project is a new approach to save, document, digitize and share a previously underutilized source of human cultural and biological heritage information; namely, paleogenomic and anthropological data taken directly from ancient humans, precisely from archaeological skeletons from Greece dating within the last 10.000 years. We plan to draw upon our recent successful experiences partnening with museums and heritage organizations to preserve this aspect of our biocultural heritage and present these results to the public. The incorporation of biocultural aspects will further enhance the appeal of archaeological heritage sites for both local Greek public and visiting tourists.


 We plan to analyze a series of 50 prehistoric and historic humans, including their full genomes, in a diachronic time slices ranging from the Mesolithic to the Byzantine period. We will use these data to create “wanted posters” based on reconstructions to our museum collaborators to be included in existing or new exhibitions. To this end, we are collaborating with several archives and museums in Greece and Germany and with a private partner specialized in museology to ensure a direct transfer and implementation of our research results in museums and tourism hot spots.


Past Projects


2014-2015      From the early farmers to the first urban societies: the origins of the Aegean palatial civilizations from a population genetic perspective; 200.000 €; ARISTEIA II, General Secretariat for Research and Technology-Greece, PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina


2014-2015      Themes of skeletal anthropology, taphonomy and bioarchaeology. KALLIPOS - Greek academic e-textbooks, 10.000 €, Greek Ministry of Education, PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina


2012-2015      Population genetics of the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Greece and the Aegean; 186.950 ; GERMAN RESEARCH COUNCIL (DFG), Co-PI with Prof. Burger Univ. of Mainz.


2012-2015      Island Biodiversity and cultural Evolution: Examples from the Eastern Mediterranean, Madagascar, Mauritius, Philippines during the past 800,000 years; 500.000 €; THALYS Greek Ministry of Education, Team leader, supervisor of 1 PhD.


2012-2015      Exploitation of Resources in the Neolithic Period of Northern Greece: Material Culture and Environment; 500.000 €; THALES Greek Ministry of Education; Collaborator for genetic analysis.


2012-2016     BEAN: Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic, demography, migration, and lifestyle at the advent of civilization; 2.484.717 €; MARIE CURIE INITIAL TRAINING NETWORK Associated partner.


2009-2010     Anthropological research on the ossuary of Poschiavo; LOTTARY FUNDS Canton Graubünden; Archaeological Service Graubünden, Switzerland 40.000 CHF PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina


Under Evaluation


Dec. 2017      Submitted proposal in the announcement “Innovative research in Culture”, General Secratariat of research and technology in  collaboration with the Sector of Technology and Research, Crete.


Jan. 2018     ELIDEK – 1st announcement for research projects for the reinforcement of University members and researchers and the supply of expensive research equipment. The proposal was accepted for the second phase of evaluation. PI: Papageorgopoulou Christina