The Laboratory of Physical Anthropology was founded in 1993 (Official Gazette 214 / 29.12.93). It is a modern, specialized lab unit with updated technological equipment. Its founder and former director, until his retirement in 2010, was Prof. Nikolaos Xirotiris. In 2017 the Lab was renamed into Laboratory of Physical Anthropology. Specialized histological, microscopic, biochemical and morphometric analyses are being conducted in its facilities. The Lab promotes scientific know-how to undergraduate students, offering them the possibility to come close to innovative methods and use modern lab equipment.     

Students are able to study osteo-archaeological material and complete basic anthropological techniques (sex determination, estimation of age, paleopathological findings). Moreover, through internships, students are trained to clean and store skeletal material.

This knowledge can be implemented in archaeological excavations, in which students can participate, if they wish, through the Lab’s network with the Greek Archaeological Service. In addition, students are able to come close to digital techniques (photogrammetry, laser-scanning, 3D printing). Also, students have the possibility to participate in workshops and scientific conferences, and meet distinguished academics and researchers.